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Bring on the heat

A new era has begun in the ongoing history of The Hut—The A/C Age. Thanks to the latest developments in refrigeration technology (developed over a hundred years ago), Miss T and I can now enjoy what millions of other ozone-depleting* Americans have taken for granted: central air-conditioning.

Unfortunately, now that the majority of the super-hot Central Valley weather has passed, I can’t enjoy 80 degrees inside when it’s 108 degrees outside. So, to compensate, I’ve decided that we should enjoy 45 degrees inside when it’s 73 degrees outside. While it may be a hassle to have to wear sweaters and coats indoors, I think it’s more than made up for by the fact that we can just leave our refrigerated items out on the dining table. Milk, butter, eggs; having them out all the time is just sooo convenient.

*Actually, they don’t use freon in A/C units anymore. I’ll just have to use aerosol cans to do
my part for global warming. On second thought, CFC-producing spray cans have also been legislated out of existence. Hmm… beef! Yeah, massive farming of cattle contributes to global warming; I can totally get behind that. And, driving cars too! And invading other countries! Wait, does that produce global warming?

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